Privacy Policy

We do not collect and process data apart from what is really necessary to organize the conference. Details follow.

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1. We neither collect nor process data with the webpage

2. Newsletter uses external service (marketing purposes).

3. If you consented to having your data processed for marketing purposes to receive commercial information and you want to remove the consent in accordance with the Act on Personal Data Protection, you need to contact [email protected] Be informed that you have the right to access and modify the data, as well as the right to request to stop processing the data. The data is administered by Fundacja conf.IT ul. Rydza Śmigłego 62/8.

4. In order to sell tickets, we use an external service - Evenea. More on its privacy policy at

5. The page employs analytic tools = Google Analytics (anonimize IP) and Hotjar.

6. Cookies - we do not use any advanced solutions - only standard mechanisms.

7. This web page uses cookies only for statistical, functional and advertisment purposes. Thanks to them, we support popularity of the conference. Anybody can access cookies and/or disable them in the browser thus preventing information from being collected. Learn how to disable cookies.

8. You can contact us with [email protected], Twittera or Facebooka. If the contact is initiated by you, the messages are collected in respective tools.

9. You can ask to review and remove your personal data at any time. Write at [email protected]

10. If the above nine points still leave you in doubt in matters related to privacy policy, contact us. We will be happy to dispell your doubts.

In doubt? Contact us

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